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Hello and welcome to Family-Transformations!

Family Trans-Formations is currently an idea to create a place that supports and connects adult children of trans people.

What is a an “adult child of a trans person”?

An individual whose parent has undergone a gender transition. However, not limited to and intends to support those who are adult children of individuals who would socially be considered gender or sexually diverse.

The intention of this platform is to build a space that allows individuals of a shared experience to share their story; network; seek support; offer peer support; access appropriate resources; and any other way of which this may be of help to you!

There’s such little accounts, discussion or support for this experience and the very little research that has been done suggests that support networks would be beneficial, so here we are! Whatever your experience; relationship with your parent(s); family dynamic; feelings towards yourself or your parent(s) transition, please do not hesitate to get in touch or get involved.

This is all brand new and we need you to tell us what you would like this to be and what you’d like this space to provide, such examples are: live support groups; online support; educational seminars; counselling; whatever suggestions you have are very welcomed!


Get to Know Us

Family Trans-Formations has been started up by me, Kat, as since finding out my dad identifies as a woman when I was 13 I have over the last 15 years often searched the depths of the internet to find some sort of support or recognition that reflect my own experience of being an adult child of a trans parent. Beyond a few articles online or a support group within America there seemed to be something missing, so after being in contact with Jane at the Beaumont Society we decided that this was something that we could start up. Therefore, Family Trans-Formations is currently a work in progress and is responding to the lack of literature, discussion, support, acknowledgement or diverse narrative of the experience of being an adult child of a trans person.

Social support is so beneficial for our day to day wellbeing, especially during times of great transitions and changes. Social support with those with shared experiences can act as a somewhat ‘social cure’ when it involves family members identity being socially stigmatised, as it may be able to provide a space where conversations, feelings and consequential support and acceptance can unfold that may not feel possible with others.

As previously mentioned this is in its early stages so any suggestions on what individuals would like to see here, such as content, or what they’d like to get out of it, please do contact with any thoughts.


In the press

The following are some articles and videos from the perspective of adult children of trans people and their parents transition and their relationship with them starting back from the first account I could find in 2012.

If you have any thoughts or responses to any of the resources below please get in touch, as I would love to hear from you.


'My Dad is a Woman'

1ST MARCH 2012

Documentary following Jane's transition and relationship with her daughter Natasha

Contact Us

If you or someone else is seeking support; would like to get in contact; express your interest; or ask any questions please contact Kat on: